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glue. /glu:/ 

Noun: an adhesive substance used for sticking materials together ("waterproof glue"). Synonyms: adhesive, gum, cement.

Verb: fasten or join with or as if with glue ("The kit was falling apart so we glued it together"). Synonyms: stick; bond; connect. 

We won't lie that the name was partly inspired by the glue we used to fix our bikes (see @Smellslikeglue). But the studio were mainly founded on the notion of collaboration. The founders were part of a design collective who produced this event - Zarina Holmes being a graphic designer and Salina Christmas being an anthropologist. What we - designers, writers, photographers and coders - cohered over then were creativity, craftsmanship and innovation. We still do that.

At GLUE Studio, we aim to create value and a positive experience that connect brands with their audience through inspiring contents and activities. Hence the word "glue".

We also advocate active lifestyle and well-being at the workplace, a nod to our Polynesian roots. So 'Aloha!'. Let's collaborate.