GLUE Studio launches publishing design service in time for The London Book Fair

LONDON, 29 March 2019 Story Of Books, the publishing communication arm of GLUE Studio, was at The London Book Fair 2019 to cover the latest business updates on books, publishing trends and content creators.

The fair, held between 12 to 14 March 2019, provided GLUE Studio with the opportunity to launch:

  • A publishing design service targeted at authors, publishers and B2B businesses.

  • A new-look Story Of Books website that provides exciting coverage of books and graphic novels, exclusive interviews – featuring a distinctive creative direction by GLUE Studio.

  • Story Of Books monthly newsletter, a rebrand of the newsletters sent since 2012.

In conjunction with the three launches, Story Of Books had published two special editions featuring award-winning authors, illustrators and photographers:

About Story Of Books

Story Of Books was first established in 2012 to promote a London Design Festival event on e-books organised by the co-founders of GLUE Studio. With the establishment of the studio as a limited company in 2015, Story Of Books strengthened its presence digitally and at book events in London, UK, as the pop alternative to high-brow book journals, book magazines and book columns in major newspapers.

About GLUE Studio

GLUE Studio was named Best Creative / Media Start-up at the 2018 Hammersmith and Fulham Brilliant Business Awards. The tone of voice and the distinctive creative direction of Story Of Books provided by Zarina Holmes (MA Design) contributed to GLUE Studio’s award win.

To find out more about GLUE Studio’s publishing design service, contact us.

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