GLUE Studio co-founder discusses CRM strategy with Stepp Digital


GLUE Studio Co-Founder and Marketing Consultant, Salina Christmas, was recently interviewed by Nadya Tatarciuk, Founder, Stepp Digital, about CRM and content marketing strategy.

Tatarciuk is highly experienced in SEO and PPC, in particular Google Search, Amazon PPC, YouTube PPC and affiliate marketing. She has done campaigns for the likes New Look and TalkTalk, and she had also built the Amazon shopfront for luxury beauty brand Lumity Life.

GLUE Studio will be speaking at "The Digital Face of Wellness Workshop" at Canary Wharf Innovation Lab, Level39, on 27 June 2019. The event is organised by Stepp Digital. Other guest speakers will include Google UK, Wayin, CampaignUp, Blow Ltd and Spa Life.

GLUE Studio