GLUE Studio’s imprint launches "After The Rain" magazine at HF Artsfest

LONDON, 8 June 2019Story Of Books, the imprint of GLUE Studio, launched its first print title during an event organised at Re:Centre, Hammersmith, in conjunction with HF Artsfest 2019.

 After The Rain is a magazine dedicated to nature and the environment. The first edition, “Number 1”, tells the story of the people of Pangkor Island, Malaysia. It focuses on the environmental threats faced by the rural communities, flora and fauna within the seaside. The passing ships in the Straits of Malacca that provide trades for the region are also responsible for the high level of plastic pollution in the sea. The debut issue was authored by Zarina Holmes, Creative Director, GLUE Studio and edited by Salina Christmas, Editor, Story Of Books.

The 8 June event, “River to river, coast to coast”, was organised by GLUE Studio for HF Artsfest, in partnership with Re:Centre, a wellness centre located by the Thames riverside.

At the event, the Re:Centre resident artists Kate Lowe and Natalie Cronin explained the concepts and rationale behind Re:Centre artists’ collaborative project, Thamesis. The artists are building a series of artworks and installations made of artefacts collected from River Thames, including rubbish and bones. Guests were then invited to “pick a bone” from a tray of bones before being taken to a studio tour where they got to see more bones and more River Thames objects by the Re:Centre artists.

Mark King, publisher and photographer of surfing magazine, The Point, came all the way from Croyde, Devonshire, as a guest of Story Of Books to talk about his magazine, surfing and the environmental movement in Devonshire. The event concluded with a presentation by Zarina Holmes about After The Rain, in which she explained the plastic dependency of rural businesses who need to “scale” by offering plastic packaging. A strong point was made about the level of plastic pollution from passing sea traffic in the Straits of Malacca, the world’s busiest shipping route.

During the build-up to “River to river, coast to coast”, the Malaysian government had announced its commitment to return fraudulently labelled recycled plastics to the countries of origin. The event received positive feedback from the audience, the press and HF ArtsFest. Coastal towns, no matter how far from the capital cities, are never isolated. It is hoped that this launch event will lead to increased engagements between various coastal and riverside towns across the globe, and results in coordinated efforts in tackling plastic pollution.

About HF ArtsFest

HF ArtsFest organises over 200 open, inclusive art events with over 100 partners from performing arts to literature, visual arts and film every June across the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. This year's event took place between 1 and 9 June 2019.

 About Story Of Books

Story Of Books is the imprint of GLUE Studio. It features the latest updates on pop culture and books through interviews and how-to articles for authors.

 About The Point

The Point is an independent, limited edition magazine published Mark King, photographer and surfer. It offers a unique point of view from the coastal town of Croyde, Devonshire, with photo features on beaches across the globe.

About Re:Centre

Re:Centre is Hammersmith’s leading wellness centre located by the riverside. On top of yoga and meditation courses, it organises high-profile events such as seminars and special events such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop product launch. It also hosts an artist studio where Thamesis is based.

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