GLUE Studio produces campaign for MYJ Beauty, finalist of Pure Beauty Awards London 2019

GLUE Studio is proud to produce the "Stealing Beauty" campaign in collaboration with MYJ Beauty, a cosmetics brand founded by London makeup artist Jameson Juwily.

MYJ Beauty is one of the brands shortlisted for the Pure Beauty Awards London 2019’s Best New Lip Product category. It is one of the few names out of 700 brands that made it to the final round of the prestigious awards. MYJ Beauty is also the only contender in the New Lip Product category that features not only a line of lipsticks and lip glosses but also a lip balm.

Established in 2011, MYJ Beauty offers lipsticks named after iconic London landmarks such as Baker Street, Bond Street and Regent Street. Products under its line of lip glosses are named after famous bridges such as Albert Bridge, Chelsea Bridge and Tower Bridge. The products are also sold online and in retail stores as complete collections with memorable names such as Belgravia Elegant, Chelsea Affluent and Kensington Chic.

For the photoshoot, GLUE Studio Creative Director, Zarina Holmes, drew her inspiration from Bernado Bertolucci’s “Stealing Beauty”. It’s a film about a beautiful lady who sets out to discover her dreams and herself. The MYJ Beauty campaign narrates the mood of the protagonist as the idyllic British summertime nears its end to approach autumn, “where the rain would fall between the bursts of sunshine, creating a romantic mood”.

Said Holmes: “Our heroine is in love with someone, but she doesn’t know it yet. The campaign aims to capture the tender mood and the growing confidence in her, who is like a sun emerging from behind the cloud.”

The styling was done by co-founder Salina Christmas who drew inspiration from the recent re-interpretation of New Romantic fashion movement and female suffrage. The selection of bold brown blazer, ruffled blouse with pie-crust neck, flare trousers and mac – designed to depict the heroine as a strong, decisive woman – is a contrast to Juwily’s natural and understated makeup direction.

About MYJ Beauty

MYJ Beauty was founded by Jameson Juwily in 2011. Juwily attended the London College of Fashion to study fashion and beauty techniques before attending University of Greenwich to study BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing Communications. MYJ Beauty is a finalist for the Pure Beauty Awards UK 2019.


About GLUE Studio

GLUE Studio is Winner, Best Creative/ Media Startup, Hammersmith and Fulham Brilliant Business Awards 2018. It was founded by twins Zarina Holmes and Salina Christmas in 2012. GLUE Studio is a graphic design and marketing agency that produces creative campaigns for tech and fashion e-commerce brands in the UK and the US. Holmes also runs creative photography workshops in Central London.


About the campaign

Photographed by Zarina Holmes, GLUE Studio.

Make up by Jameson Juwily, MYJ Beauty London.

Styling by Salina Christmas, GLUE Studio.

Modelled by Leah Wei Mao.

Photographed in London, United Kingdom.

Photo credit: © Zarina Holmes Photography.

GLUE Studio