Shamrocks & Sugar

GLUE Studio was commissioned by Origin Arts UK to design the posters and the flyer for "Shamrocks & Sugar", a four-week event held at Wembley Park in winter 2018. The event was organised to explore the hidden history of the Irish and the Africans in the Caribbean and to celebrate their legacy in the region.

Through storytelling, film and musical performance, visitors were made aware of the 17-Century history of dispossessed Irish people forced to work on the sugar plantations alongside captured African people in the Caribbean islands during the Civil War led by Oliver Cromwell.

"Shamrocks and Sugar" comprised of five streams:

  • 18th Century Irish Folk (10 November 2018)

  • Plantation Life (17 November 2018)

  • Cultural Fusions (24 November 2018)

  • The Legacy (1 December 2018)

  • Musical celebrations of live Irish and African Music (8 December 2018)

Origin Arts is a cultural applied theatre and media arts organisation supported by local authorities such as Brent Council and organisations such as the Wembley Park. It facilitates cultural exchange for multicultural communities through a series of events, performances, films and education.