What We Do

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Design Consultancy

GLUE Studio design brand identities, campaigns and infographics for marketing collaterals, reports and displays. We have done this for travel, hospitality, fashion, publishing, fintech and tech sectors.

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Content Marketing & Automation

We publish print and digital contents, define house styles and automate processes. We have managed CRM and formulated KPIs for tech, fintech, medtech and pharma.

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Photography Productions

We produce fashion look books and short fashion videos for fashion e-commerce, lifestyle and interior design brands. For special projects, we organise on-location photoshoots and assemble creative production teams.

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Training & Workshops

We design photography programmes and train companies to produce print publications. Programmes produced include City Academy Photography, TEDxUCL digital installation (2012) and seminars at London Design Festival (2009, 2010, 2011).