Zarina Holmes

Education: An MA in Design from Middlesex University, London researching on brand extension. A BA in Graphic Design, with Advertising major and Photography minor. In 2008 I retrained as a documentary filmmaker.

Real education: Gardening. I grew watermelons at the age of six while living in Borneo. At school I helped my father sell coconuts from his farm. Now I grow roses in London. I learn about business and nurturing talents from gardening. Adapt to the current climate and be patient.

Started out as a visualiser for advertising agencies in Kuala Lumpur. Then progressed to be a multi-disciplinary designer in London. I’ve worked with many clients from the travel industry before pivoting to consulting tech companies and startups. Help founded City Academy UK’s photography department in 2013. I’m also a professional lifestyle photographer.

Favourite patches: Books and photography. I’m obsessed with street markets. They’re like Aladdin’s cave. You can learn everything about human behaviour there.